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NWPB has teamed up with Vicinity Jobs to provide a search tool to help job seekers in Niagara find employers looking to hire. This tool collects job postings from multiple online job boards and combines them with listings sent directly to us, allowing us to provide a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking work within the Niagara region.











How it works:

  1. In the "job title, keywords or company name" field, type in any keywords for jobs you are interested in: for example, "Nursing", or "Sales". You may also leave the keywords section blank if you'd like to see all available jobs in a given search region.
  2. If your community isn't one of the preselected regions, narrow down your search to your home town or region by browsing through the "Any city, town or region" menu.
  3. Narrow your search further with the "Find" menu, by selecting either "All Words" for search results that must contain all of your keywords, "Any Word" for search results that must contain at least one of your keywords, or "Exact Phrase" for search results that must contain the exact phrase you typed into the keyword field.
  4. Refine your search by date, category, or industry. The "Any date range" menu can help you find postings anywhere between one day ago and two months ago. The "All Categories" menu allows you to select your preferred job category, while the "All Industries" provides a selection of industries for job seekers to choose from.
  5. Browse the results! A list of all job listings matching your search will be displayed with an excerpt from each posting. Click any listing that may interest you for more information..

We wish you all the best in your job search!

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NOTE: Limiting your search by industry will automatically exclude postings from employers unknown to Niagara Workforce Planning Board

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